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The many advantages of all-weather tires

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all-weather tires

There are many advantages of all-weather tires with the advantage of being able to use one set of tires throughout the year possibly being one of the greatest advantages. The fact that the all-weather tires are truly made for all weather conditions is of course a very big advantage as you will not have to be able to sacrifice on safety even in severe winter conditions. Not only are they able to be used all year round but they have even been shown to be as safe as dedicated snow tires in the winter. They hold the advantage over all-season tires in that they can be used in the winter while all-season tires are not recommended for winter weather as they do not hold the “Three Peak Mountain Snowflake” emblem signifying their approved use in winter conditions.

If living in an area with severe winter and if you don’t want to change into winter tires, then the all-weather tires are the best choice. In fact, the all-weather tires have been proven to perform as well as winter tires, so you don’t have to compromise on safety. The all-weather tires offer excellent grip and traction on all road surfaces with all-weather conditions making this a true all-weather tire. Having a reliable tire that can handle all weather conditions throughout the year is a real advantage. The versatile all-weather tires combine high-performance, all-season handling and reliable winter grip to make them a true all-weather tire. With new innovations like improved sipes helping to improve grip on both snow, ice and slush. With re-optimized placement and support of the tread blocks they allow for a more aggressive design and improves both stability and driving comfort.

To get the most out of your all-weather tires make sure to follow the manufacturer’s recommended tire dimensions for your make and model of car. This mean that if your car currently has tires with the dimension 225/50R17 and you choose to invest in all-weather tires, then you would need 225/50R17 all-weather tires. This is important as only with the right tire dimensions will you be assured the proper functioning and handling of your vehicle. In fact, if the tires are not the proper dimensions and, for an example, too large for the vehicle you could actually even damage the transmission. This is because a larger tire can reduce the vehicle’s effective gear ratio which in turn can cause strain on the transmission.

The many advantages that an all-weather tire holds it really makes it the better choice if living in an area with severe winters. Thanks to new innovative technologies having been applied to the manufacturing of all-weather tires they have become a true alternative to winter tires without sacrificing safety, with the real benefit of being able to keep one set of tires throughout the year. New innovations allow for excellent hydroplaning protection while remaining a low rolling resistance tire thereby offering fuel savings.

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