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SUV all-weather tires are the best choice for winter weather

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 275/55/20 all-weather tires
SUV all-weather tires are the best choice for winter weather as they provide the same protection as winter tires but in contrast with the winter tires, they can be used year-round. When choosing tires for SUVs it is important to not only keep in mind the special needs of SUVs but also to choose the proper tires with the proper tire dimensions for your SUV make and model. If your SUV currently has 275/55/20 all-season tires, then you would need to change into 275/55/20 all-weather tires. The reason the all-weather tires, in comparison to all-season tires, are able to handle severe winter weather, is because this tire is a hybrid between a winter tire and an all-season tire allowing it to perform equally well all through the year. In fact, it holds the “Three Peak Mountain Snowflake” emblem, signifying their approved use in severe winter conditions. This in fact, is the same emblem held by dedicated winter tires.
SUVs are different than regular passenger cars in that they are not only much heavier, but they also have 4-wheel drive. This in contrary to what people might think makes a good quality tire even more important. The 4-wheel drive helps with traction as well since the possibility to grip the road with all 4 wheels gives the advantage of better traction compared to regular 2-wheel drive cars. This however only holds true if your tires are of good quality and are the right dimension for your SUV so that they can allow for a proper grip on the road. It is also important to keep in mind the fact that the 4-wheel drive option is only a benefit in acceleration not in braking.
If you have a larger SUV then you are probably in the market for 275/65/18 all-weather tires like the Nokian Rotiiva AT Plus all-weather tires. They are an example of a durable all-weather tire that performs equally well on both asphalt and light off road conditions. It has an aggressive tread pattern to ensure excellent grip and handling with its new sturdy structure and cut resistance helps improve driving stability. With its re-optimized placement and support of the tread blocks it allows for a more aggressive design and improves both stability and driving comfort. This high-performance all-weather tire is especially designed for the heavier SUV, offering excellent winter grip and all-weather durability. This all-weather tire also offers extreme wet performance to help prevent both slush and aquaplaning while remaining a low rolling resistance tire, thus saving on fuel.
All-weather tires are a great choice to handle even severe winter weather while allowing to maintain one set of tires for the whole year. With new innovations in tire compound as well as more aggressive tread design the new generation of all-weather tires more than suffice for driving in winter conditions. This newer compound also offers lower rolling resistance thereby saving on fuel.
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