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Non-studded tires for your SUV

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SUV winter tires

When to consider non-studded tires for you SUV? Non-studded tires should be considered obviously if use of studded tires is not allowed in the State that you reside. In fact, only 6 states allow studded tires without restrictions. This makes the use of studded tires less convenient then non-studded tires. There have also been quite a few technological advances in the making of non-studded tires which makes the need for studded tires less vital. Winter tires should be considered even when owning a SUV as the benefit of the SUVs is the better traction provided by the lower gears of the 4-wheel drive, which are only beneficial for accelerating and not for braking. When using good quality winter tires with the appropriate dimensions for your vehicle you will be able to drive safely even in the most treacherous winter weather.

When installing SUV winter tires, whether studded or non-studded, it is important to install the correct dimension tires that are recommended by the manufacturer for your make and model SUV. If the dimensions are 275/65R18 then you would need 275/65R18 winter tires. This allows the best performance of your SUV. If the proper dimensions are not followed, then there can be additional strain on the engine. This is because wrong size tires change the gear ratio which ultimately puts strain on the transmission.

If in the market for a non-studded tire, then the Nokian Hakkapeliitta R2 SUV is a good example of a non-studded tire with the most advanced non-studded winter tire technology made especially for SUVs. This tire is designed with first-class winter grip and made to perform equally well on dry, wet, snowy and icy surfaces. With its state-of-the-art rubber compound containing microscopic multi-edged, crystal-like particles that are diamond rough. These crystals operate like built in studs as they grab the driving surface thanks to their sharp and tough grip edges. This Nokian “Cryo Crystal 3 Concept” helps optimize the tire’s lateral and longitudinal grip. This tire also makes use of the multifaceted “Grip Claws” found between the tread blocks on the shoulder areas to create a balanced ice and snow grip especially during braking and accelerating. Together with the Aramid Sidewalls it gives a very durable tire that can resist both impacts and cuts. The aggressive tread pattern assures excellent grip in slippery weather and deep snow while also being one of the greenest and most quiet non-studded tires on the market with low rolling resistance making it eco-friendly and helps save on fuel costs.

With the many advances in non-studded winter tires the need for studded tires becomes less vital. Owning an SUV also gives several advantages in regard to traction and with good quality SUV non-studded tires you will be well equipped to handle the toughest of winters. The SUV winter tires stop much faster than either all-weather or all-season tires. Winter tires in general are made of special rubber compounds made to endure temperatures well below freezing.

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