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Hybrid and electric SUVs benefit from low rolling resistance tires

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Hybrid and electric SUVs benefit from low rolling resistance tires as low rolling resistance tires are the most fuel efficient for your hybrid or electric SUV. This is important because even if you have an electric vehicle, low rolling resistance tires will minimize the amount of energy used in a single drive allowing the car to go further with one charge. What makes a tire have low rolling resistance? With rolling resistance being defined as the force resisting the motion when a tire rolls on a surface, in other words the combination of forces that work against the forward motion of your vehicle. Things like the weight of the vehicle, gravity, inertia, air drag and the amount of friction between the tires and the road surface all play a part. A low rolling resistance tire is a tire that is designed to reduce energy loss and increase fuel efficiency. They are also known as environmentally friendly tires or fuel-efficient tires.

Some factors that affect the rolling resistance is the tread pattern, size of the tire and the tire compound. Tread pattern has a significant impact on the rolling resistance. In general, the more aggressive the tread pattern the higher the rolling resistance. Another factor affecting the rolling resistance is the tire compound. Many manufacturers are now adding silica and oils to the traditional tire compound to lower the rolling resistance while not sacrificing traction. The size of the tires also affects the rolling resistance with wider tires having higher rolling resistance. In general, when buying tires for a hybrid or electric SUV it is important to consider the manufacturers recommended tire dimensions. This will assure the best performing tire size for your vehicle.

If the recommended dimensions for your vehicle is 225/50/17, then if in the market for all-season tires, you would need 225/50/17 all-season tires. In general, the all-season tires have the lowest rolling resistance as their tread pattern is not as aggressive as either snow tires or all-weather tires. However all-season tires with larger dimensions than your car manufacturer’s recommended dimensions would have a higher rolling resistance.

If in the market for good quality SUV all-season tires then you should consider the Nokian eNTYRE C/S tires, an all-season tire featuring the latest technologies, offering uncompromising performance, durability, comfort and safety on wet, snowy and dry surfaces while remaining a low rolling resistance tire. They also offer the “Aramid sidewall technology” that renders the tire exceptionally durable and puncture-resistant. These special aramid fibers strengthen the sidewall rubber to withstand external impacts and pressing against the wheel flange. With both hybrid or electric SUVs being heavier than traditional cars it makes grip and traction even more important as the additional weight requires longer braking distance.

When choosing tires for electric or hybrid SUVs make sure to keep to the manufacturer’s recommended size tires for your make and model and to buy low rolling resistance tires.

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