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265/70R17 all-weather tires

Environmentally friendly tires are tires that reduce the negative impact on the environment either by reducing pollution due to low rolling resistance or by being manufactured with environmentally friendly manufacturing methods. With an environmentally friendly tire you can reduce pollution both in the air as well as in our oceans. This is because tires are made up of rubber and plastic that break down due to wear and tear and this source of microplastic makes its way into our oceans.

Not all tires are made the same way. Did you know that the Nokian Tyres company only uses only purified oils in their tire production? In fact, the Nokian Tyres-tire manufacturer is committed to the environment and hold self-imposed high standards in their tire manufacturing, committed to saving energy with their full line up of “low rolling resistance” tires that allow electric cars to go further on a single charge ,while regular combustion engine cars go further on a tank of gas. This tire manufacturer was in fact, the first tire manufacturer to receive the ISO 14001 environmental certification.

When picking an environmentally friendly tire you need to be aware of what makes a tire environmentally friendly. In general, a tire with low rolling resistance is a tire that is considered environmentally friendly. Not only drivers of electric and hybrid cars are looking for an enjoyable and environmentally responsible driving experience, which does not end with a purchase of a hybrid or electric car, by the way.

Low rolling resistance being one of the best ways to reduce energy and thereby pollution at least in the air. Rolling resistance being defined as the energy that your vehicle needs to send to the tires to maintain movement at a constant speed over a surface. In other words, it is the effort required to keep a tire rolling. Rolling resistance is the combination of forces that work against the forward motion of your vehicle. With a low rolling resistance tire you can save 6 percent on fuel costs.

It is also important to follow the manufacturer’s recommended tire dimensions to further optimize fuel efficiency. If the recommended tire dimensions for your car is 265/70R17 then you would need to install either 265/70R17 winter tires, 265/70R17 all-season tires or 265/70R17 all-weather tires.

When in the market for an environmentally friendly tire it is important to consider all the things that make a tire environmentally friendly, starting with the manufacturing of the tires all the way to the features that make the tires environmentally friendly. It is also important to keep in mind things the driver can do to save on fuel. Things like keeping tires properly inflated and cutting down on drag by not attaching bike racks and overhead luggage containers when not needed. Keeping in mind that the right size tires are also very important to not only save on fuel but for the best performance of your vehicle.

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